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 Power Supply
 DC to DC Board
     Entering the industry of power supplies for over 30 years, Seasonic has been offering clients with great product and superb solution of power supply. Seasonic has drawn together its outstanding management and R&D team to fulfill such demand of PC power supply and satisfy the need of customers.

Seasonic has always been leading ahead of the power supply industry and providing customers with energy efficiency product. Seasonic is the first PSU maker that provides PC and IPC market with cost-effective Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) solutions.  It is also the first in the world to pass 80 plus standard. Seasonic’s range of 80 Plus Power Supply therefore help consumer to cut down electricity bill and protect the environment with no compromise in performance.

As people are getting more sensitive about energy saving, 80PLUS becomes a must-have for efficiency PSU.  Understanding the market and consumer’s need for more, Seasonic has taken one step further and started to provide product and solution that are compliant to Energy Star 4.0, a total 'Green PC technology' that helps the computer user to save electricity at all time. 

Apart from energy efficiency, Seasonic is also dedicated to making silent power supply. Seasonic’s concept of S2FC (Smart & Silent Fan Control) takes the meaning of silent power supply to an upper level.  The fan is able to run as fast as it should be instead of as fast as it can be to keep the power supply in silence while dissipating the heat inside.

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