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X Series
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Silence defines the X-400 & the X-460 power supplies. Taking advantage of the benefits derived from the 80PLUS GOLD level of efficiency and the use of high-grade components, these power supplies run cool and run silent, perfect for your Home Theater PC (HTPC) and other applications where “silence is golden”.


Featuring a design of “DC Connector Module with Integrated VRM”, the X Series is set to achieve both near-perfect DC to DC conversion and fully modularized design without compromising efficiency. After a long wait, finally there is a product that delivers the complete package, ultra-high efficiency, greatly improved dynamic response, and customizable cable arrangement that is tailored to meet any individual’s needs.

Special Features -

  1. 80PLUS® Gold Certified Super High Efficiency
  2. Full Modular Cabling Design
  3. Fanless- 0dBA
  4. Patented DC Connector Module with Integrated VRM [Voltage Regulator Module]
  5. DC to DC Converter Design
  6. Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors
  7. Highly Reliable 105℃ Japanese Brand Capacitors
  8. Tight Voltage Regulation [±3%]
  9. Active Power Factor Correction [99% PF Typical]
  10. High +12V Output
  11. High Current Gold Plated Terminals
  12. Dual Sided PCB Layout
  13. Ultra Ventilation [Honeycomb Structure]
  14. Multi-GPU Technologies Supported
  15. All-in-One DC Cabling Design
  16. Easy Swap Connector
  17. Universal AC Input [Full Range]
  18. 5 Years Warranty

Product Information -

1. Dimension: W150 x L160 x H86 mm

2.  AC input & DC output voltages /Wire Configuration

Model: X-400 FANLESS (SS-400FL Active PFC F3)

Model: X-460 FANLESS (SS-460FL Active PFC F3)

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