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The very first full modular multi-output ATX, high-wattage power supply that has ever obtained the 80PLUS® Gold certification is introduced by Seasonic, this coveted power supply is named “X” and is offered in 560W versions.

Featuring a patent pending design of “DC Connector Module with Integrated VRM”, the X Series is set to achieve both near-perfect DC to DC conversion and fully modularized design without compromising efficiency. After a long wait, finally there is a product that delivers the complete package, ultra-high efficiency, greatly improved dynamic response, and customizable cable arrangement that is tailored to meet any individual’s needs.

The X Series adopts a clever “Hybrid Silent Fan Control” design, which offers three distinct operation modes, fanless mode, silent mode, and cooling mode. The X automatically adjusts fan mode and speed according to the ambient temperature level. This brand new design not only optimizes heat dissipation, but also prolongs lifespan of the system by reducing unnecessary fan rotation. To make the X Series even more robust and exciting, Seasonic offers Sanyo Denki San Ace Silent Fan on X, the best fan there is in the industry.

The world-renowned Sanyo Denki Ball bearing fans are made of the highest quality components to ensure maximum quality and performance. The use of spoon shaped high-density plastic fan blades with smoothed leading edges, strict tolerance ball bearings and precision copper axel are just some features to ensure ultra low noise performance and quality. In addition, the fan uses 3 balancing points, instead of the industry standard of 2 points, to ensure perfect balance and rotation. The Sanyo Denki fan is a perfect match to the class leading Sea Sonic Hybrid Silent Fan control for the absolute top performance of the industry.

Special Features -

  1. 80PLUS® Gold Certified Super High Efficiency
  2. Full Modular Cabling Design
  3. Patented DC Connector Module with Integrated VRM [Voltage Regulator Module]
  4. DC to DC Converter Design
  5. Seasonic Hybrid Silent Fan Control
  6. Sanyo Denki San Ace Silent Fan
  7. Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors
  8. Highly Reliable 105℃ Japanese Brand Capacitors
  9. Tight Voltage Regulation [±3%]
  10. Active Power Factor Correction [99% PF Typical]
  11. High +12V Output
  12. High Current Gold Plated Terminals
  13. Dual Sided PCB Layout
  14. Ultra Ventilation [Honeycomb Structure]
  15. Multi-GPU Technologies Supported
  16. All-in-One DC Cabling Design
  17. Easy Swap Connector
  18. Universal AC Input [Full Range]
  19. 5 Years Warranty

Product Information -

1. Dimension: W150 x L160 x H86 mm

2. AC input & DC output voltages / Wire Configuration

Model: X-560 (SS-560KM Active PFC F3)

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