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Azusa, California — Dec 14, 2007 — Seasonic is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Eco Power 300, an environmentally and technologically advanced, 80 Plus certified power supply suitable for a wide range of computer applications. Innovative use of 100% recycled cardboard has eliminated all packaging plastics, placing Eco Power 300 at the forefront of green electronic design.

Eco Power 300 achieves maximum energy efficiency in a compact, space- and material-saving package. Its stable 300W capability is compatible with a broad range of business, industrial, and home and computer platforms. Eco Power 300's flat power efficiency curve ensures that hard-fought power reductions in many current PCs is maintained at low load; this is of particular interest for PCs designed to meet Energy Star's most demanding computer standard of 50W or lower power consumption at idle.

Eco Power 300 boasts many advanced features that discriminating customers have come to expect from Seasonic power products: 80 Plus certification for up to 85% efficiency in a full range of loads, Active Power Factor Correction for 99% PF, Smart & Silent Fan Control, Universal AC Input (100~240VAC), Universal Video Card Support, Forward Converter Circuit Design and a generous five year warranty.

Eco Power 300 conforms to the SFX12V (v3.1) form factor for top mount fan package, with a plate adapter for installation in any ATX case. The Eco Power 300 can be used as a universal drop-in replacement or upgrade for the many PCs from first and second tier brands that employ SFX form factor power supplies, with the immediate benefit of greatly reduced electricity consumption.

Innovative, origami-style design with 100% recycled cardboard has made it possible to eliminate all plastics from the Eco Power 300 retail package, which does not sacrifice shock protection. Only a small amount of non-toxic black ink is used for product information. Ecological packaging is the perfect complement to Eco Power 300's compliance with RoHS  For system integrators, Eco Power 300 is also available in bulk pack without the retail box.

Special Features

Universal Video Card Support
Support new PCI-E video card technologies

Smart & Silent Fan Control [ S²FC]
Smart thermal control to balance noise & cooling.

Super High Efficiency [up to 85%]
Optimal solution for low energy consumption, noise & heat.

Active Power Factor Correction [99% PF]
Reduces line loss & power distortion.

Double Ball Bearing Fan

Increases airflow & lifetime and reduces rotation speed ad noise.

Universal AC Input [Full Range]
Plug & run safely anywhere in the world.

5 Year Warranty
Our Commitments to superior quality.

Product Information

1. AC input & DC output voltages ( 100~240V, 50/60Hz )

2. Wire Configuration

3. Total Protection
Over Voltage / Over Power / Short Circuit Protection
Total protection for your power supply, your system and yourself.

4. Operating Environment
Operating temperature: 0 to 50°C. Relative Humidity: 20% to 80%.
(The rated power will reduce from 100% to 80% from 40°C to 50°C)

About Seasonic Electronics

Seasonic Electronics Co., Ltd. has maintained a continuous focus on R&D and the production of quality power conversion products since 1975. Seasonic Electronics has taken a leadership role to develop green & silent power supplies with higher efficiency and higher power output. Seasonic Electronics’ product line includes PC power, IPC/server power, adapter and open frame power.

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